Meet Me

It is truly a pleasure to meet you all and I am so happy you have taken the time to review the site. My name is Paul Paboudjian and I have spent my whole life learning the art of mindfulness, love and kindness as it relates to inner peace and care for my well-being and the well-being of others. I am a certified practitioner of Cognitive Behavior, and Executive Chef and a Health enthusiast. I began my journey in a time where by if I did not change my ways of thinking, feeling and responding to situations that surrounded me I would have lost all hope. Fortunately tremendous people surrounded me, guided me and taught me a truly thoughtful approach to life. What we believe “happens to us” is only 10% of the equation, 90% is how we respond to it. Learning to understand yourself completely and be cognizant of how you respond to things and why is a life altering asset that will forever change and fulfill your life when put into practice. I am still a student and will continue to be one throughout my years but one thing for sure is that the changes I see in myself and those that now surround me are some of the most inspiring relationships I will ever have. Learning to “change the way you look at things so the things you look at change”, as Wayne Dyer stated is profound in all aspects of life. Health is wealth, Nutrition is fuel for the mind and Mindfulness is love for yourself. Join me in creating a better understanding for yourself and unlock what I can only say will be the best journey of your life. It comes with hard work but the rewards fill you up with a joy that is unprecedented…

What we offer

The goal is to establish an overall balance in ones life to provide the mindset and tools required for the change you wish to see. This can be improvements in an already wonderful life, strategies towards fitness and financial goals or personal growth and relational development through cognitive tools you will be provided.

Custom Meal Prep and Planning with Professional Chef 100%
Exercise Program designed around your skill level and health and wellness goals 100%
1 - 1 sessions related to cognition and how the tools we offer assist in the journey 100%
Access to all natural supplements that will provide fuel for the mind, body and soul 100%
Links to other resources that may greatly improve aspects of your personal goals in all areas of your life 100%

The Journey Begins Here...

If you have any questions we are here to set up a time to explain further what you can expect. As perhaps some things that are discussed can be sensitive we take confidentiality very seriously. This journey is about you and where the possibilities present themselves. Take the first step and simply ask the questions, you never know where life will lead you…