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Live to Love in Balance

Lifeforbalance is the start of a new journey for mindfulness, nutrition and exercise. As a practitioner in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy the journey begins with cognition and understanding. A release of energy that stands in your way and a profound abundance of tools that allow you to “Live to Love”

CBT Mindfulness
Coaching to last a Lifetime

The quote,”Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” has profound meaning.Our journey will provide the foundation and tools that will encourage change that you wish to see in your life by applying simple methods you will learn to manage through being mindful in all you do. These are one on one sessions and group chats to share best practices for higher learning of oneself. Staying aligned with your beliefs and goals and learning to harness the power of now by mindful thoughts, actions and beliefs.

Nutrition for the Love of Life

We will break down the patterns that may be preventing the body's ability to work at optimum levels. You will see change in energy, stressors and weight maintenance with the right planning and approach to food. We are not focussed on diets but rather healthy eating. Planning and managing the intake on a weekly basis will not only prove to be impactful in your daily life but will also provide more time for you to focus on other things in your life. You will be provided opportunities to work with myself on meal planning and I will also provide alternate options that are sustainable, healthy and easy to incorporate into your daily lives.

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Exercise & Alignment

We will begin to take a snapshot of your daily activities from sleep, exercise, work habits and social pass times you engage in. Once that is established we will work together to plan a program that fits your life so that it is sustainable to continue your journey to the results you wish to acquire. Providing understanding and setting goals that fit your lifestyle as well as your expectations of where you wish to take your level of physical health and wellness. Providing exercises that evoke release of tension, minimize stressors and focus on the body type you wish to create for yourself. You will realize that learning how to incorporate certain activities in your life will bring you to your goals by placing the correct amount of effort and time on a daily basis.

Our Goal

In life we face many decisions that have the ability to impact our health and wellness if not approached with care and consideration for how it makes us feel. Learning to steer decisions and thoughts to a place of internal balance is a learned approach to peace within. Our goal is to encourage and provide life long tools to anyone who is being internally challenged with focussing on goals and objectives, on relationships and overall engagement with others and finally the ability to understand yourself at a higher level of cognizance. In our three pillars of wellness the journey will begin with understanding how to objectively look at all aspects of your life and engage change in situations perhaps have hindered forward progress in your life. Learning to face and challenge the difficult matter that surrounds us in a loving and thoughtful way will open new doors to peace and happiness within ones life.

In short our goal is to spread this message and work one on one with people who wish to achieve a balanced life in Mindfulness, Nutrition and Exercise.

Staying in control of your thoughts in alignment with your beliefs is success in itself.

My Story



Journey Coach

My journey started a long time ago and had exposed many possibilities I was passing by because of the lack of understanding in my own ability to create positive change. Learning to navigate my own life in a loving, healthy way through cognitive thought and behaviors has been life changing in all facets of health, finance, career and most importantly mindfulness.I reflect on my life and realize that my moments of emotional strength have come in moments of crisis. Almost like a lesson taught in class. You need to figure out those moments so they do not continue to evade you or compromise your values.The details of my story at the moment is not important but what is important to know is that I was gifted with a lesson that changed my life forever and believe it can change yours as well. It changed my life so much that I immersed myself in the lesson and learned as much as I could about the value of Cognitive thoughts and actions.Letting go to grow is a lot of work and facing things head on with love and kindness is a conscious journey that when we are prepared knowing ourselves, it then becomes limitless in where and what we can achieve.Through the tools and values of personal cognition you will truly learn to fly. Every great achievement started with a plan. If you allow me the opportunity, I would like to provide you the framework so that you may create your own masterpiece. If you find peace within and are happy with where you are positioned emotionally, spiritually and cognitively then you will always be at peace no matter what surrounds you. You will be in control and will no longer allow others to stand in your path unless you wish for them to walk the journey with you.


Let's Begin Your Journey

This is the most important step of your journey and one that does not come without sacrifice. However the sacrifice as you will see is the caveat that will allow the growth and development to focussed goals and objectives that will completely change your life in the days, months and years to come. Once you make the conscious decision and place effort on the change you wish to see happen you will find a new sense of peace, love and kindness that will surround you.

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